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Eddie BlandonEddie Blandon 

Missing Trailhead badges

I logged into my account that I was using to do Salesforce Trailhead tutorials this morning and noticed 3 things

1. My badges are all missing
2. The layout has some issues (Social buttons at the top right are a little off)
3. My account name has a "9's" attached to the end of it

Please tell me I don't have to start over again.

Missing Badges 2
Missing Badges
Are you using two different accounts to complete Trailhead module?
1. One for signing in Developer site
2. Another one for doing your Trailhead module

If so all you Trailhead progress will be associate with the account which you are using for login in the developer site. Try sigin with that account and check the Trailhead badges.

Eddie BlandonEddie Blandon
Thanks for the response,

I'm not sure what is going on with the sign in. I am logging into the same exact account that I used last week for trailhead. Is there an option to switch between the two that I don't know of?
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot

Hi Eddie,
Is the screenshot of your profile badges from an earlier time when you were seeing the right set of badges in your profile? You definately shouldn't have to start over - Trailhead tracks and records all your badges and points based on the account that you use to login to the site (which can be different from the DE login that you use for completing the challenges).
As Kranraj mentioned, please double check that you are in fact logging in with the same DE account. If the badges are still missing, please send me an email at sbhanot@salesforce.com and I'll try and track down your account status. Thanks again for trying Trailhead!


Eddie BlandonEddie Blandon
Thanks Karanraj & Sandeep,

Well I had to semi redo all my badges, the issue I had was what Karanraj answered with, I was logged into another account, then when I did the modules I used a similar named account to complete the modules. 

I was able to get most of my badges back by going through and resubmitting the completed task that I have done but another error came up with my badges again.

The new issue is I can see I have 4 badges (screenshot 1) but when I click on the badges button in the trailhead module it sends me to my profile page with this error every time (screenshot 2). So I refresh the page and then I get the last view (screenshot 3) where it only shows 3 badges. Not sure what is happening.

(screenshot 1)
Module header

(screenshot 2)
Connection error

(screenshot 3)
Missing a badge + Fuzzy image
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
@Eddie: can you still only see three badges on your profile? mind sending an updated screenshot?

btw: if you want to share your progress with others you can edit your profile and mark your trailhead activity as public. Right now I can't see it on your profile so am not able to verify what's visible. 
Chevon Martin 1Chevon Martin 1
I am having the same issues.  Please help!
Paco AlijartePaco Alijarte
Hi all,

I have the same issue as well if I use the link below


I see the Badges but if you the bar (Home,....Trailblazers), I see only 1 Active Module and 0 Badges.

I used the same account to check the challenges frim TrailHead.