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Andrew SturtAndrew Sturt 

Rollup Summary count returns zero

I have a master-detail relationship with three records on the detail side. I can see the records in the related list, but my rollup summary never shows anything other than zero. I have tried checking the "Force a mass recalculation of this field" option, but I still get zero. I have "All records should be included in the calculation" selected, so there is no filter criteria. I'm logged in as the administrator, so I don't think it's a permissions issue.

Anyone have any ideas why I am not getting the counts I want?
Rajiv Bhatt 16Rajiv Bhatt 16
which field are you trying to roll up from the custom object? does that field have any value in the three records on the detail side? perhaps if you can share the snapshot of the rollup field definition and the rolled up field from the three detail record it would be more helpful to analyze.
Hi Andrew Sturt,

Please double check below things.

1. Childrecord field used to roll up data.
2. Agregated function used in roll up summany field. i.e. sum,min,max etc
3. Child record calculation criteria.

Let us know if it helps you.
Andrew SturtAndrew Sturt
I am doing a count of detail records (in a master/detail retionship) where a boolean field on the detail is set to True. There are detailrecords that meet the criteria, but I only get a count of zero.
Andrew SturtAndrew Sturt
I can ever run a report that gives me counts, but even if I remove the criteria in my summary count and just try to get a count off all associated rows, it retruns zero.