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Brian BoyleBrian Boyle 

SF Labs Mass Lead Converter Error

I get the following error when trying to use the SF Labs Mass Convert Leads tool:

ConvertLead failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INVALID_STATUS, invalid convertedStatus: Qualified: [Status]

All of the Leads I'm trying to convert contain the Lead Status = "Credentialed" which I added as a "Converted" Lead Status Picklist value . . . so in theory it should work, right?  "Qualified" is also a converted status value.

Thanks for your help!
The available Status values are also limited by the record type of those leads.  If a status value is not selected in the Lead Process associated with that record type, it'd be considered invalid as well
@Here-n-now, following your comment, I added the Qualified status back to the lead process for the lead record type I was using and the Mass Convert Tool worked! Unfortunately, qualified doesn't really work for the lead process and lead record type which is the reason why I had removed it, so do you know a work around or why the tool wouldn't be following the lead process and lead record type settings I've created? Does that make sense?
I don't use the Mass Convert tool so I can only try to make suggestions.  I imagine the tool allows you to select the status value for conversion - so you need to make sure the status value selected is available as Converted for the lead record type of the lead records being operated on.  However, if the tool doesn't allow you to choose a value, it might be trying to use a Converted value defined in the general picklist setting, which may or may not be applicable for that specific record type/lead process.  Does that make sense?

If that's indeed the case, I'd try removing the value in question (such as Qualified) completely from the picklist, so it wouldn't be there to screw things up.
Thanks Here-n-now. Strange but I managed to get this error resolved last week. For whatever reason, the apex code doesn't recognize any lead processes which filter converted different converted statuses. Once I added "Qualified" back to my lead processes, the tool works as expected. It's necessarily the most helpful considering "Qualified" isn't the righ term for our given application, but having it there can be ignored by the team. As long as it works!