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sriram anilsriram anil 

how to write trigger bellow requirements

id(autogenerated)            name
a-001                          aaa
a-002                          bbb
a-003                          ccc
the above table i am delete  a002 and a003 records, again insert another record ,this time automatically start with  a002

how to write trigger  any one explain
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Keyur  ModiKeyur Modi
you can query on the same object ..

let see in the detail,
suppose there is object like project__c where you want to implement this .

so in trigger what you can do is query on the object like this

project__c prj=new project__c();

prj=[SELECT id,Name FROM project__c ORDER BY createdDate DESC LIMIT1];

with this query you will get latest created records ID suppose that id is a-005

then after getting thoes value (a-005) you can increase(a-006) and assign to new created value.

Keyur Modi