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Chad HoeksemaChad Hoeksema 

Lead Assignment Rules

I'm trying to create assignment rules, workflows, or triggers that will change the account owner to our desired user when we mass import leads into our system. 

We have created a custom field titled "Buy From", which tells us the account where the lead purchases their supplies from. I want to make the lead owner the same as the owner of the "Buy From" account when the leads are mass imported. Any idea on best practices to do this?
SFDC HedgehogSFDC Hedgehog
Hi Chad,
Just from your description, I would try to build a process flow to do this.

Setup --> Create --> Workflows & Approvals --> Process Builder

Some might consider a VF flow, but that will still require a process to fire the flow.

IMHO The last resort would be to write a trigger -
it just does not seem to be big enough of a use case to warrant that kind of solution.
Chad HoeksemaChad Hoeksema
After a few tries, I got it to work! Thanks a bunch for the help. This will be HUGE for our company.