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Navneeth RajNavneeth Raj 

Validation rule error1

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Scenario when user enter numbers other than ten digits error should arise.
But above error oscurs
(use this validation WITHOUT REGEX function)
You are comparing a phone number value with the number 10. You should check the length of the field instead
Such as
LEN(Phone_Number__c)  <>10

Raja Bipin Chandra  M BRaja Bipin Chandra M B
Did you try 

  AND (Phone_Number__c <> '10' , Alternate_Phone_Number__c <> '10'),0)

Vijay NagarathinamVijay Nagarathinam
Hi Navneeth,

Can you try the following validation rule,
AND(LEN(Phone_Number__c) <> 10 , LEN(Alternate_Phone_Number__c) <> 10)