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Exporting of data from sales force at regular intervals


I am reposting this question in order to have a complete view on my solution

My use case.
1) Export of data
2) Export should be weekly once
3) Data should be saved somewhere for atleast 1 month

I tried to use dataloader CLI but i cant even install it. Well, I will arrive sucess at some poitn of time.

Once i install dataloader,

1) how to install scheduler
2) I also want to delete old exported files, how will i be able to acieve it.
3) Is there any other way alternative to dataloader CLI, wher i could acieve my requirement for free and not paying heavy money to external apps

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Using CLI is appropriate in this case. Although, you could try http://dataloader.io/ for scheduled export of data and can be saved to FTP or dropbox etc.,

I did the exact implementation using CLI and here are the steps at high level:

1. Use data loader cliq to configure your process (include your soql query, login access etc.,)

2. Once configured, you will have a .bat file

3. Use windows task scheduler to schedule the bat file once in every week

4. Once file is exported and stored into your local system, the bat file should also call another bat which will look for the file in specified folder and then transfer it to FTP

5. Deleting historical records in ftp will be a manual step

At step 4, historical records will be moved to another directory before saving current file. Hence step 5 will fetch the latest file always

Bharathimohan Ramamurthy
Salesforce For All (http://salesforceforall.blogspot.com/)