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Angela Wickware 4Angela Wickware 4 

Stuck on the action challenge

I am working on the beginner admin module in Trailhead and can't seem to get my "Action" to pass the challenge.  It is saying "You do not have the correct account fields in the 'New Detailed Account' publisher action layout".  I've looked this over several times and know that I have the correct fields in the layout.  Anyone else have problems with this or have any tips for me.
Samuel SherrowSamuel Sherrow
Hi Angela, Could you copy and paste the section from the top of your screen that you are stuuck on?

Kind of like this,

Julien WagnerJulien Wagner
Hi Angela,

I've got the exact same problem.

Found a solution yet ?

Angela Wickware 4Angela Wickware 4
Thnak you for replying.

I am still experiencing issues with the global action challenge and ended up with the same error on the next challange to create the object action. Neither one have been passed.

I've included the error message:
User-added image

User-added image
Angela Wickware 4Angela Wickware 4
FYI - I just tested my challenges and they passed.  There must have been some type of glitch with the system since I didn't make additional changes.  Thank you for trying to help.