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how to send approval request to differen approver for different criteria

Ok i have this kind of scenario where my quote required 2 different approver manager to approve due to different reasons. And i created 2 approval process

Order:1 - approval process entry criteria: - reason 1 check box = true
Order:2 - approval process entry criteria: - reason 2 check box = true

and i tried to check the reson 1 & 2 check box then hit submit for approval. yes, it enter approval process 1 but after appoval manager approve on approval process 1 it did not went to 2nd approval process.

How can i simultaneosly send approval request to 2 different approval manager or how can i make it to go to send process after 1st one approved?
Chandra Sekhar CH N VChandra Sekhar CH N V
Define a two step approval in a single approval process.
But i have it owns steps in each reason.

For example, my reason1 is change of warranty, and step1 criteria is warranty = a, step2 criteria is warranty =b

where for my reason2 is discount limit, step1 criteria is discount 5%, step2 discount 10% and so on

that's why i need to maintain in different approval process.