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Dominic Yonto 7Dominic Yonto 7 

Escalation issue

I have an issue where cases are being escalated that should not be (which I am guessing means I have something configured wrong).

Here is the rule criteria:
(Case: StatusEQUALSNew) AND((Case: Current StageEQUALSCustomer Service) OR(Case: Current StageEQUALSCustomer Service Manager) OR (Case: Current StageEQUALSnull))

A case just escalated where the current stage is Customer Service Manager and the current Status is In progress.

The case was changed from a status of new to a status of in progress four hours before the escilation was fired. 

Any help understanding why this happened would be appreciated. 
Dominic Yonto 7Dominic Yonto 7
I am pretty sure that I resolved my own issue:

In my approval process there are several field updates that occur. None of them had the "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change" box checked. I have checked that box and will see if that resolves the issue for my other open Cases.

Here is the documentation that led me to this conclusion:
Let  me realign your criteria so that you can understand what your criteria is saying. Sometimes, proper indentions in formula helps but in your case, I think you used the dropdowns available but anyway here it is: 
(Case: Status EQUALS New) // TRUE
           (  Case: Current Stage EQUALS Customer Service)
      OR( Case: Current Stage EQUALS Customer Service Manager)   // TRUE
      OR( Case: Current Stage EQUALS null) 


RETURNS TRUE: this will fire your Escalation on Create because you set Status to New AND any of the Stages you provided which is Customer Service Manager.

You might need to rewrite your criteria to fire your escalation correctly. I can help you restructure your criteria if you wanted to. Just provide the exact criteria you want.

Hope this helps.