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Bassem KhalifaBassem Khalifa 

Action Plan app - Installation Failed

Hello Devs! 
I am trying to install the SF Labs Action Plans app but I am unsuccessful. 
I am seeing this error (attached).
Installation Failed Error Msg

Looks like it's related to one of the Events Trigger named (EventTrigger) and another trigger under apex triggers named (AppointmentTrigger). 

Event Trigger:
User-added image

Appointment Trigger: 

User-added image

I can not seem to interpret what the error means. Can someone give me insight on what to do? and how to workaround this error? 
Thank you!!
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
Hi bassem,

Looks like, you were trying to call a method name called "run"  that belongs to AppointmentTriggerHandler Class. You can try checking if "run" method still exisits in the AppointmentTriggerHandler  class.

If you would like to see all the other compile errors, you can go to setup> Develop > Apex Classes and click on link "Compile All Classes", salesforce tries to recompile all your classes.
User-added image

Hope it helps!

Bassem KhalifaBassem Khalifa
Hello Balaji, 

How can I check is "run" method still exisits in the AppointmentTriggerHandler class? 

This si what I got when I ran the compile all classes: 

User-added image