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Ranjan PatelRanjan Patel 

Creating object

1. can we create two objects with same name for 2 different app
2. Explain the difference between: object with tab and objects without tab
You can create two objects with the same label, but not with the same Name.  Names are unique to the namespace that the object exists in.

Objects with tabs are the same as objects without tabs.  The only difference is that it has a tab that makes it discoverable via the tab bar at the top.  Also objects with tabs are indexed so they can be searched.
William TranWilliam Tran
As pcon stated, you can have 2 objects with the same label as long the the API Object Name is different.  Don't worry the app will stop you from creating the same object twice.

sahitya adminsahitya admin
no we cant create two same objects for 2 different apps
sahitya adminsahitya admin
objects with tabs are easy to access,where as objcts without tabs,we cant access by one click,