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Seth EisnerSeth Eisner 

How do I add TH Badges I have earned to my LinkedIn Profile?

I am aware they ask you to add at the end of each completion, however I did not do that.  I am now trying to add them and I do not see an option to do so.  If anybody knows how to do this please let me know!  Thank you.
Dutta SouravDutta Sourav

Hi Seth,

Go to "Edit Profile" option on your linkedIn Profile. Click on "Add Certificate" in Certification Section.
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Manually enter the name of the Module / Project as the certification name & lookup Salesforce Trailhead as the Certification Authority (make sure you click the name that appears in the dropdown).
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I would recommend including a link to your trailhead profile too so that viewers can click through to see all of your badges. 
Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Vivek DVivek D
Unfortunalty you cannot add all TH badges at one shot you have to do it one by one. There are 2 ways
1. When a module is completed you can add it to linkdin profile by add LinkdIn to profile button.
2. If you alreay have a badge which you want to add to linkdIn profile then checkout the below links 

Muhammad AlaaMuhammad Alaa

Frankly speaking, adding all the badges (they will all have the same logo, just a different name) will cram up your Profile.

Better to get certified and add that to your profile.