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sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37 

how to upload video in vf page

can any one tell me how to upload video in vf page which components are uses my video lenth more then 25 mb then what i do 
Mehul MakwanaMehul Makwana
If the Videos are relatively few in number and not changing frequently and less than 25MB, then static resources is probably the best solution.
Otherwise, you may want to even look at something like Amazon s3 for storing the raw video.
For the VF page, you can use Youtube or Vimo for hostiong your video.
Just use below code for Embedding youtube video into visualforce page.
<apex:page >
    <apex:iframe width="854" height="510" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SGPvYQ1o2x4" frameborder="0"/>

Let me know If its help you.

sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37
i given src url but its not visable and how to do it thanks sandeep