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Yashar SGJYashar SGJ 

Account picklist 'Rating' in formulas

I want to display one of the possible Ratings for each of my Accounts (hot,warm,cold) based on a score (Number field), just for example:
IF( Score__c>=2.5,hot,cold), then the Rating is shown as hot.

Is there a way of putting that with the standard field Rating into a formula to receive this Rating for an Account?
Or should I maybe consider doing this with a Validation Rule?

Thanks in advance :)
deepak balur 19deepak balur 19
You need to create a formula field and use it as needed.
veda Hebbarveda Hebbar
Hi Yashr,

You can achive this using process builder:

User-added image

Please let me know if you need more information.

veda Hebbarveda Hebbar

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