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Michelle ArndtMichelle Arndt 

Syntax Error for ISCHANGED

I have this rule set up to notify if a lead has been changed to someone else, but i don't want it to notify if it is a certain lead status

ISCHANGED( OwnerId ) && (Status  <> "CP Lead")

Syntax error: Error: Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula
veda Hebbarveda Hebbar
Hi Michelle,

Please use 'PRIORVALUE'
PRIORVALUE(OwnerId) <> OwnerId
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Just change the workflow Evaluation Criteria to "created, and every time it's edited"
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Let us know if that will help you

Amit Chaudhary
Michelle ArndtMichelle Arndt
I ended up using:

AND(ISCHANGED( OwnerId) , NOT(ISPICKVAL( Status , "CP Lead")))
veda Hebbarveda Hebbar
Hi Michelle,


Yes, for picklist you have to chake value using "ISPICKVAL" in formula field.

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