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Marc Victor 14Marc Victor 14 

Error Number for uploading Change set: 1013122098-267274 (-476769046)

I receieved the following Error number when doing an upload for a change set.  I am attempting to upload email templates built in Production, and bring to Sandbox.  I receive an error message that says to contact Customer Support, but when I open a case, I get another error message, "Developer support for standard customers and partners is supported directly through our community.  If you have a developer support question, please click here."  

Yet, when I attempt to click on any of the case fields, its blocked out, and I am unable to submit the form.  Does anyone know what the Error Number is?  A google search did not help.  

Error Number: 1013122098-267274 (-476769046)
Please try to upload your change set again. If it does not succeed, contact Customer Support and provide the error number listed above.

Unfortunately there is nothing that anyone can do for Internal Server Errors (ISEs).  Your best option is to try to push a case through saying you are getting an Internal Server Error and provide that error number to them.
Jerun JoseJerun Jose
Agree that there is not much you can do when facing internal server errors. One thing I have done in the past is to try pushing a smaller change set and see if the error occurs. That way, you can identify if there are any problematic components in your change set that could have caused the problem. It would also worthwhile to try chunking the change set into smaller bits and try to get the change set deployed so you can identify the problematic component.
Ori Ezra 9Ori Ezra 9
Profiles - remove them from the change set and it should work