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Jose María Nicolás ArfelisJose María Nicolás Arfelis 

Is it possible to filter related list records to appear in another related list in the same object?

Hi everybody,

in our implementation we decided to have all information about the process of student recruiting in separate related lists.

So, for example, under the object Person Accout (the applicant) we have the following related lists:

- Admissions
- Enrollments

Admissions are all the records being created while the Admission process is taking place and also contain student application information.
Enrollments would have all records related to the Admissions but where you can see if the student has paid or not the course or academic programm he has now to pay.

Is it possible to make appear only all admission records, whose admission stage is in "Admission approved" in the Enrollments related list?.

Only admissions which were approved would appear in the related list for Enrollments. Is that possible?
deepak balur 19deepak balur 19
In VF, not in Standard UI.