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SystemModstamp Issue

Hi There,

We have 100s of records (Accounts/Contacts/Opportunities) getting updated within few seconds and causing the SystemModstamp to get updated almost on a daily basis. There is no specific pattern followed while records getting updated. 
This includes records that are LOST/CLOSED opportunities in the past (5/6 Years Ago), indicating users are not forcing any change but change caused by something from the back end automatically.
By definition it is clear that it is the Date and time when a user or automated process (such as a trigger) last modified this record. Given that there is no change in the "Last Modified Date", it is evident that users are not forcing any change, but an automatic update (program) is causing this change. 
In as much as we are aware that that it is caused due to an trigger at the back end, the challenge is to identify which trigger/automated process is causing this.
We also have few 3rd party integrations (managed free apps) installed in the instance, but not sure if they are forcing this stamp.
Have any of you faced such scenarios in your organizations, if so what techniques/methods did you guys adopt to identify the trigger - please recommend.

You will have to refer debug logs, try replicating the scenario, like updating some dummy record and check the flow of execution to see what all classes and triggers are invoked. It is a painstaking task but this is how you will have to do it.
Or else check for some 3rd party App on AppExchange that can give you the whole flowchart.