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salesforce integration with JIRA


How to integrate JIRA With salesforce?
whenever changing the status to new automatically ticket will be created in jira? how to approach it?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Mala kondaiah,

Please check the below links for your reference.




Please let me know if it helps you.

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Brad Peterson 2Brad Peterson 2

Salesforce - JIRA Integration gives real time visibility to the customer success team and backend team in each other’s tasks. With this kind of visibility, the coordination between the teams become easier, customer issues are resolved faster, and customer communication becomes seamless.

The use case you have mentioned in the question is certainly possible. The Salesforce - JIRA Integration (https://www.opshub.com/salesforce-integration/salesforce-jira-integration/) datasheet on OpsHub website can give you a fairly decent insight into how it will work.


Andrew LampittAndrew Lampitt
Check out zAgileConnect, purpose-built for Salesforce/Jira bi-directional integraiton including comments and attachements. 5/5 stars on AppExchange. https://www.zagile.com/salesforce-jira-integration/
Sergii Grushai 25Sergii Grushai 25
would you share your requirements so I could help you select the connector?

for example Peeklogic Jira Connector has below features:
- Connect multiple Salesforce instances with Jira
- Map Salesforce and Jira. Objects, fields, projects. Flexible Jira Salesforce Integration.
- Create/Update Jira Issue from Salesforce
- Search for Jira Issues from Salesforce and link to Salesforce records
- Add Comment and attachment Jira issue from Salesforce
- Automate Jira Salesforce Integration with the help of Salesforce Process Builder