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Pavlo ZhdanovychPavlo Zhdanovych 

Is it possible to add more than 2 licenses in Developers Edition.

As I can see there is only 2 Marketing licens, 2 Salesforce, 3 Salesforce Platform.

to test we need at least 3-5 user who could access Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks.

How we could get it and whom shoul I write in support?
No , In developer org (free org) you can add only two Salesforce license users but if you purchase the Salesforce paid edition then you can add any number of users in your org but you have to pay per user license in Salesforce.

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Pavlo ZhdanovychPavlo Zhdanovych
Thanks. so only 2 users could test task, opportunities, contact. I am administrator, so we have only 1 license for developer :) no, we are not able to understand how to develope module to SalesForce :(
Pavlo ZhdanovychPavlo Zhdanovych
how I could test and develop and analyst offer if we have 1 license for me as admin and 1 license for them at least 3?
You can't use more than 2 salesforce licenses in free developer edition account. If you are partner, then you can able to create a partner developer edition account which contains 10 salesforce user licenses by default which you use to build your demo and showcase to your customers, that is only current alternate option for your scenario.

To know, more about partner program check this link - https://partners.salesforce.com/

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