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Date range comparison without a year

I have a table of date ranges split out by day and month, and I need to determine if a user provided date falls within the range. 
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I have no years in the table. I was using this logic:
if(qRec.Expected_Start_Date__c >= Date.newInstance(qRec.Expected_Start_Date__c.year(), Integer.valueOf(soqlResults.Start_Month__c), Integer.valueOf(soqlResults.Start_Day__c)) && 
                    qRec.Expected_Start_Date__c <= Date.newInstance(qRec.Expected_Start_Date__c.year(), Integer.valueOf(soqlResults.End_Month__c), Integer.valueOf(solqResults.End_Day__c))){
Which works for the majority of the use cases, until it crosses a year and needs to fall into the 12/25 - 1/24 range. I'd prefer to take year out of the comparison all together, as it is not relevant. Any suggestions appreciated. 
Marcelo CostaMarcelo Costa
I would not convert it to date for comparing... I would use a formula to calculate that using Integers (Date is no more than a long anyways...)
I probably would create a static method in a Service class a little bit like the following:
//Arguments would be provided date and one of your objects that I'm calling QRec.
public static boolean isProvidedDateWithinRange(qRec record, Date provideDate){

    Boolean isCrossYear = false;
    Integer iniciald;
    Integer finald;

//Tests if is cross year.

    iniciald = 100*Integer.valueOf(record.Start_Month__c) + Integer.valueOf(record.Start_Day__c);
    finald = 100*Integer.valueOf(record.End_Month__c) + Integer.valueOf(record.End_Day__c);

//just makes sure that final is the right number.
        finald = final+1200;

//Now you have an initial and final values.
    userDate =  100*provideDate.month()+provideDate.day;

//This will adjust in case the provided date is following year
    if(isCrossYear && userDate<inicial){
//All exceptions checked, we can just finishthecheck and return
    if(userDate > iniciald && userDate < finald){
        return true;
    return false;

Can be simplified a little... I have not tested the code, and is full of comments, but it is just to give an Idea...
Good Luck :)