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what are the benifits of ANT migration tool

Hi Mahe Reddy,
ANT is helpful when you want to deploy changes from one org to another org. ANT retrieves metadata in XML format and you can edit XML and deploy the change to any Org.

Since you can save the XML file directly on the machine that you use to manage the process, you can thus save the same metadata as many times as you need to any server.

With ANT, you can change and delete the target organizations metadata since you have access to it using an XML file( like deleting any apex class. You can't directly delete the class in Prod, you need to change the metadata for that apex class)

If you want to create 500 fields, it would be tiresome to create using user interface. Thru ant, you create the metadata in XML and deploy the file to target org, it automatically creates all those 500 fields) saves lot of time.

Sometimes change sets take time to load in the target org. ANT would be quicker.