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Hendrik VerbeekHendrik Verbeek 

Accessibility: Select multiple non-consecutive options from an multi select box only with Keyboard in Google Chrome?

Hi There,
we came across a very annoying accessibility issue for our visually impaired users that have to use Salesforce with keyboard only (in addition with Screenreader like JAWS).  

Problem:  In Google Chrome, we were not able to find the correct keystrokes to select multiple non-consecutive options from a multiple select box in Salesforce Lightning using just the keyboard. (i.e. select only option 1 and 4 of the list, not 2 and 3).

We are aware of the methods in Internetexplorer (Shift + F8 etc.)  and Firefox (Control + space to select). After intense research on the internet, that issue seems to exist for many users only in Chrome, and yet we couldn't find a solution for that. We came across a thread in the Chromium developer forum and there seems to be a "bug" raised since 2011 (!).

Does anyone know, if there is a way in Chrome is to select non consecutive items in a multiselect box only with the keyboard? See screenshot attached for reference.
Multiselect Box in Salesforce Lightning
Thanks and best,

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Hendrick,
One way to do that is by using Javascript / Jquery (if your server supports it) to select those fields.