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Parteek Goyal 59Parteek Goyal 59 

How to relate Case to a Chat Transcript using Live Agent Pre-chat API, When more then one case are in search result?

Hi All,

How can we relate chat transcript to a case when mutiple cases are in search result.

Please Help.

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Prateek,

You can automatically attach the transcript to a record i.e. a case by using the saveToTranscript method. Depending on whether you are using the pre-chat API or deployment API all you have to do is follow the instructions on the developer guide to automatically related the transcript to the case.
<input type="hidden" name= "liveagent.prechat.findorcreate.saveToTranscript: String
    entityName" value= "String transcriptFieldName" />
Please let us know if this helps.


Parteek Goyal 59Parteek Goyal 59
Hi Nagendra,

Thanks for your reply.
I am using the pre-chat API and when I am searching the case using findOrCreate property, it is returning three case records in search result. So now I am not able to understand that how to relate the transcript with one case or opened case.