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what are the challenges we are facing in deployment using ANT migration tool?

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What are the challenges we are facimg in deployment using ANT migration tool?

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Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Please check below post for same
1) https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.daas.meta/daas/commondeploymentissues.htm

Common Metadata Issues
The most common metadata issues are detailed below:
  • Retrieving custom fields on standard objects — When you use the wildcard symbol in package.xml, to retrieve all objects, you will not retrieve standard objects, or custom fields on standard objects. To retrieve custom fields on standard objects, see Constructing a Project Manifest.
  • Profiles or permission sets and field-level security — The contents of a retrieved profile or permission set depend on the other contents of the retrieve request. For example, field-level security for fields included in custom objects are returned at the same time as profiles or permission sets. For more information, see Profile and PermissionSet in the Metadata API Developer Guide.
  • Understanding packages — Packages are used to bundle related components so they can be shared with multiple organizations, or distributed on Force.com AppExchange. Managed packages are packages that can be upgraded in the installer's organization. They differ from unmanaged packages in that some components are locked, in order to permit upgrades. Metadata components that are not in any package can be accessed with the unpackaged attribute of sf:retrieve and sf:deploy.
  • Workflow — A .workflow file is a container for the individual workflow components associated with an object, including WorkflowAlert, WorkflowFieldUpdate, WorkflowOutboundMessage, WorkflowRule, and WorkflowTask. To retrieve all workflows, include the following XML in package.xml:
  • Retrieving or deploying components that depend on an object definition — The following metadata components are dependent on a particular object for their definition: CustomField, Picklist, RecordType, Weblink, and ValidationRule. This means you must dot-qualify the component name with the object name in package.xml, and may not use the wildcard symbol. For more information, see Constructing a Project Manifest.
  • Personal folders — Users' personal folders, for both reports and documents, are not exposed in the Metadata API. To migrate reports or documents you must move them to a public folder.

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