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Andrew Jenkins 14Andrew Jenkins 14 

Access to Lightning Javascript SDK when embedding a visualforce page within lightning

We have a VisualForce page we use for the classic service console.  We are now trying to adapt this to the Lightning Experience, by using Lightning's ability to display VisualForce pages within its UI.  The page loads as expected, however any of our calls to sforce.console.* fail due to the VF page being wrapped in a Lightning Compatibility layer (and therefor an iFrame).  The errors are Cross-Origin frame errors.  

I know of the sforce.one object, which allows limited navigation functionality, however the features I need are more than just navigation.  Is there a way to access these VisualForce APIs and have them work in Lightning, or alternatively, is there a way to access the Lightning features of the same Javascript SDK?  When I look at the object, all of the Lighting-related functions are missing, and all of the VF-related functions fail.