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Eric BlaxtonEric Blaxton 

Engineer an Integration solution

Hi and thanks for any help in advance.

Current situation.
Integration is done manually.  The process takes me about 1.5 hours each night and we want to automate.  The external system is in the process of writing us a Rest API.  I need help to engineer a solution.  I don’t have much of a budget.
Step 1: Export csv files ( 3 different files.  2 files are around 1k.  3rd files are about 50k records)
Step 2: Clean up the files
Step 3: Import into SF
Step 4: Update Dashboards

What we would like:
Automate this as much as possible.  I would like to push a button and have the web service do the work.  I can have them clean up the data on their end, so that will remove a step.
IS that possible?
Is it through a Apex, through a web service?

Any ideas will be helpful.