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Stijn VermeulenStijn Vermeulen 

Partner community list button type URL does not work

I have created List button for Account for the partner community.

User-added image

Clicking the button does not work, the result is a button with href: javascript:void(0);

If I change the button type to "Detail Page Button" and place it on a layout, the button works like a charm, but I need the button on the list view instead...
Keerthana PachallaKeerthana Pachalla
Hello, I have the same issue - any luck?
Stijn VermeulenStijn Vermeulen
@keerthana Pachalla

It has been a while since I ran in this issue. There were a lot of issues still with the community regarding buttons back then. A lot has been fixed in the meantime, but I am not sure about this one. We could instead override the new button and move some of the logic to the lightning controller. This solved the issue for us, but this is kind of a work around which worked for us and not really a solution to this bug.

To solve other issues with buttons on other pages in the community, we created a lightning component "CustomButton" with a label and url and dragged this button on the page. Using some css positioning we managed to place the button in an "ok-ish" location in the UI. But it is really hard to postioned the button next to other default buttons in the UI.

Best solution is to report it as bug, but you have to be patient and convince the Salesforce support team that bug reporting is not developer support, or get a support contract for developers...