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I have a problem with <apex:repeat> tag. I don't wanna reppeat certain elements inside my apex: repeat. please check my code below.

<apex:repeat var="v" value="{!list 1}">
<apex:outtputpanel layout="none" rendered="{!if(v.post_no__c!=null,true,false)}"
                            <td > post no </td>   
                            <td><apex:outputField value="{!v.post_no__c}" /></td

In my above code, I put <td>  and <tr> inside repeat so that they are also got displayed based on the number of iterations. I want to restrict the number of iterations. please don't suggest javascript why because I am using this VF as pdf and passing id to the pdf from the controller. Once after clicking on the button 'generate pdf' then only values are passed to 'list1' in the code.

I think it would be somewhat difficult to answer if there are any persons who can answer please let me know. 

Thanks in Advance.
Omar BecerraOmar Becerra
Try to reduce the values ​​that "list1" has in the Apex controller.