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Sachin K 13Sachin K 13 

Two Custom Date fields needs to populate with each recent date on two different fields

Dear friends,

I have Two custom date fields on  Parent Account. Custom_Date_Field_1__c,Custom_Date_Field_2__c. 
There are child accounts/affilliate accounts for the parent Account. Each child account is having two custom date field Custom_Date_Child_Field_1__c,Custom_Date_Child_Field_2__c. For the parent fields i want to update child fields with recent date of each field looking into all child accounts. In simple looping through all the child accounts and looking at these child fields find the recent of Custom_Date_Child_Field_1__c and populate it on Parent Account's  Custom_Date_Field_1__c, andthe same for  Custom_Date_Child_Field_2__c to populate it on Parent Account's  Custom_Date_Field_1__c.  

Please help for the above one.