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Rebecca Hendricks 9Rebecca Hendricks 9 

Setting ServerURL in SOAP - Destination URL not reset error

I'm trying to complete the Use SOAP API unit and am getting the "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: Destination URL not reset." error.  I have the Session ID and the URL prefix I from my login.  Looking at the other posts, I understand this error is that I have not redirected the URL to go to my specific instance server.  However, I don't see where to put in the <serverURL> tag into the code?

When the code was originally generated from the create, there was no <serverURL> tag already in existance for me to overwrite.  There also is no URL already listed on the page for salesforce for me to overwrite as suggested in the other posts.  Does ANYBODY know where I can put in the URL (which I have) into my SOAP UI to get it to correct this error?????
Rebecca Hendricks 9Rebecca Hendricks 9
I figured out what the error was.  I needed to replace the word "login" in the URL at the top of the Request1 explorer box with the ServerURL copied from the login data.  (NOTE: it needed to include everything prior to the .salesforce item, including the dev-ed.my portion.)