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Maanas Desai cognizantMaanas Desai cognizant 

Platform developer 2 linking trailhead to webassessor

Hi ,

I am completed the Multiple choice questions for Platform Developer 2 as well as the 4 super badges. How do i link Webaccessor account to Trailhead? Has anyone got any email from salesforce after they completed the 4 super badges?

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narasimharaju monapati 13narasimharaju monapati 13
You will be receiveing an email with instrcuctions on trailhead account email on how link your trailhead account and webassessor with in a week. Follow the instructions and then you will receive the certificate credentials with in a week after you kink your webassessor account with trail head account.

Hi Maanas,
Congratulation for passing PD II. I'm also planning for this. Could you please give me some pointers or Material to study for this exam. My EmailId is SfdcClub@gmail.com. That would be very helpfull !!
slimen belhaj-alislimen belhaj-ali
I linked my webassessor and my trailhead but I don't reseive ly certification and ly certification is not visible in salesforce site.
lee henry & Qlee henry & Q
I am completed the Multiple choice questions for Platform Developer 2 as well as the 4 super badges.
I linked Webaccessor account to Trailhead.
I don't reseive any certification email.
My certification can't find in salesforce site.
What else do I need to do?
Rahul Singh Rana 9Rahul Singh Rana 9
I am unable to link Webaccessor account to Trailhead. When I click on the link given and give Webassessor Email/username it displays "Authorization Required

You must first log in or register before accessing this page.
If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it."

Could anyone please let me know where I need to log in. Please HELP
Sohil Sharma 2Sohil Sharma 2
Same for me. Not able to link.
Nishit Babaria 3Nishit Babaria 3
@All - you get the email to link your accounts after you complete the Platform Developer 2 Multiple Choice Question Exam and after you finish your superbadges Salesforce will send credentials within a week - given you have linked your accounts.
@Rahul - How long did it take for the email to come regarding linking the trailhead and webassessor?

@all- Today i have passed the PD2 MCQ exam and I have already completed all the 4 superbadges. Please share your experience regarding the further process.
Nilesh Mane 3Nilesh Mane 3
@all - Please confirm whether all 3 email addresses related to Trailhead Account , SFDC org (related to trailhead) and webassessor Account should be same in order to link trialhead to webassessor ?