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Kailas MahajanKailas Mahajan 

Help me to create dynamic menu in visual force page

I want to create menu in visual force and also want to add the event to get information of clicked menu item.
Please feel free to reply for any more information.
Hi Kailas,

Please post your requirement in detail, so that we could analyse and guide you to build it. 

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Kailas MahajanKailas Mahajan
Thanks Gaurav, My requirement is, I want one horizontal menu which includes the items ("Q1 2017","Q2 2017"...etc) this is coming from the list and once I click on the menu item I should have to get the alert as I have selected "Q1 2017" or respective selected item. My menus looks like as below: [cid:image001.png@01D37F51.2808F2F0] Please feel free to get back to me if you need any additional details. Kind regards, Kailas Mahajan Contact: +91-9552532364