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apex development

Hi - My requirement is to get the metadata type field value & the member value name. Group it together and paste it in a long text are field. For example : 
1) Metadata type value - Workflow
    member value - abc.cde
2) Metadata type value - Layout
    member value - cde.efg
3) Metadata type value - Workflow
    member value - qwe.bnm

I want the value of the Long text area field to be 


I have written Apex code to get the group by value but not sure how to proceed further, Need you help to proceed : 
 public PageReference UpdateMembervalue(){
     AggregateResult[] results =  [SELECT Name_tag__c, Count(Member_Value__c)    
                                   FROM   Deployment_Item__c
                                   WHERE  Created_Date__c = Today 
                                   AND    Deployment_Status__c = 'Waiting for Deployment'
                                  GROUP BY Name_tag__c ];