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Jacques Luna LeiteJacques Luna Leite 

We can’t log you in because of the following error. REGISTRATION_HANDLER_ERROR: ACCESS_DENIE​D_na73.salesforce.com

Hello guys!

I'm facing the issue above.I have struggled to get rid of it, by doing the browser-clean-up, cache release, resetting chrome...I have even used incognito's window as well as accessed link success.salesforce.com on Internet Explorer and Opera. No solution, though.

 Important note: Issue began a few weeks ago. Later on, however,  I succeed at once. The next login attemp presented denial error message again.  Please help me solve this. Since this message is coming up frequently, I'd to call the community's attention to this issue.

Have a great New Year's Eve! ​

Jeova leite
Joe Kolenda1Joe Kolenda1
I'm also seeing this issue. It seems to be related to the browser I'm using, but I'm not seeing a consistent pattern. The issue seems to be only occurring in Firefox for me. I'm also logged in to multiple devices at once, which could be related.
Jacques Luna LeiteJacques Luna Leite
Thank you for your reply, Joe.

Issue occurs in any browser I use.

I have already cleaned cache and history, as well as switched browser. Nevertheless, issue persists...

Note: I have access to all other sites, expceting success.salesforce.com.
My developer access (https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=9060G0000005Oud) is ok.

I will try again soon.


Jeova Leite
Jacques Luna LeiteJacques Luna Leite
Dear friends, 

I'm still facing the issue above, as per the link https://success.salesforce.com/_nc_external/identity/sso/ui/AuthorizationError?ErrorCode=REGISTRATION_HANDLER_ERROR&ErrorDescription=ACCESS_DENIE%E2%80%8BD_korbitsistemas-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com&ProviderId=0SO30000000TN6A&startURL=%2FuserSetup%3Fgt%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fsuccess.salesforce.com%252Femailaction%252Ffollower%252F0-16qzm2kzbijqn6h8whzki54nm73l85kicgl282s3qoppsh519tb0g34c4py96cwpxh920jhdy3fk2o%253FfromEmail%253D1%2526s1oid%253D00D300000000iTz%2526s1nid%253D0DB30000000072L%2526s1uid%253D0053A00000DgI5s%2526s1ext%253D0%2526emkind%253DchatterFollowerNotification%2526emtm%253D1520539475201

I have tested in the following browser, after cleaning all of them

IE/Edge, Goole Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

I used other desktops, laptops and mobiles beyond mine.

Please help me get my access back.

Thank you so much

Jeova Leite
Scott Wilson 50Scott Wilson 50
I get the same issue.  Perhaps because I have a developer account and a user account?
Scott Wilson 45Scott Wilson 45
Update: the Salesforce support team go this fixed for me within a day after I submitted a case. 
muneeswar umuneeswar u
i am too facing the issue .what I need to do???
Dreamstel TechDreamstel Tech
I think you have used one partner access from another developer account."partnertraining is a different account than the success community.  I know, its confusing, but different orgs so different usernames."

If it does not help you please generate the case for salesforce


You might tried to hit request on server again and again like you checked code coverage for web service.it works synchronously for that we need to do it Asynchronously.

if you find your reason in the above one then please mark as best answer..