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How to find the exact test class for the APEX Trigger


I do have a concern. How can we find the exact APEX Test Class for the respective APEX Ext Class and APEX Trigger.

Example: Someone in the org has written a APEX Trigger and now i need to change the code, i dodn't even know that whether that Trigger has a Test Class or not. How can i find the Test Class for the respective Trigger in the ORG. Your help would be really appreciated.

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srlawr uksrlawr uk
The trigger will have test coverage, because it's a requirement in Salesforce to do so in order to release them - the quality and coverage therein is entirely up to them though.

To find out what covers a class, the easiest way is to launch the developer console (Select "Developer Console" from the drop down menu under Your Name in the top right)

From there, open the Apex Trigger class and in the top left, there is a drop down that sayd "Code Coverage: xx%"

Click that, and it will give you a breakdown of each class, and indeed each method, that is contributing to the coverage of that trigger.