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Henry Yen 5Henry Yen 5 

Should I create my application starting with Classic or Lightning Experience?

I am trying to create a new application using Salesforce and was wondering if it is better to start creating it in the Lightning Experience or try to first create the application in Classic and then transition later.

It all depends on the comfort of your end users who will be using your application. If your org users already have acquaintance with Salesforce and are used to with Salesforce Classic then you can do the following
  • Build the application in Salesforce Classic so that the business team can begin using it without any learning curve.
  • You can then identify some power users, train them on Lightnign Experience, transition them over to the new app in Lightning Experience (LEX) and then eventually the whole user base in a phased manner.
If your business users have no prior experience using Salesforce, it makes sense to directly have them begin with Salesforce LEX hence you can directly build the app in LEX. This should save you a lot of overhead and transition effort and also keep it simple for your business users to learn using the new app.

Hope that helps. 
David M. ReedDavid M. Reed
This depends a lot on your circumstances. Who's the audience? Is it one organization? Pick what they're using. Is it the AppExchange? Lightning (or both) might be preferable. Is it primarily a learning exercise? If you have a background in JavaScript and front-end development, you might find Lightning more intuitive. I personally think the learning curve is a little shallower with Visualforce (Classic), but I'm not a front-end developer.
Tuan LuTuan Lu
If its going to be a lot of work especially in the UI portion, dont waste your time on Classic in my opinion.

You should consider the following factors and identify the relevance of those in your case which should enable you to make a decision.
  1. Your development expertise / skill with Lightning Experience (LEX)
  2. Considerations for the nature of the app to be built
    • How much of Apex development would the application require?
    • Will the application majorly comprise of standard LEX UI provided out of box?
    • How much of custom UI would the application require?
      • Are you considering, building Visualforce pages which can be made LEX compliant using Lightning Design System?
      • Are you considering Lightning Components?
  3. Acquaintance of your business or end users with LEX
    • Are they already using Salesforce Classic and would have a steep learning curve?
    • Are they first time Salesforce Users?
  4. Would you be using certain standard Salesforce objects or features in your app which are unavailable in LEX?