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Nick Hill 4Nick Hill 4 

Making real-time API call to external API

I have a somewhat limited understanding of what Salesforce's capabilities are, but I'm wondering if anyone has any insights on whether my idea below is possible and, if so, what would be the best way to go about implementing such a design?

Here is the basic idea - say we have a large, complex order management system.  This order management system has a RESTful API that allows us to get a real-time representation of the current information about a given Order.

For customer support purposes, we would like to manage all of our customer tickets and contact details in Salesforce.  For our customer support people to be effective, they need to have access to a lot of information about the Order from the order management system and, ideally, we would like them to not have to switch between the order management system and Salesforce - they would just be able to pull up all the Order information (on a read-only basis) within Salesforce itself and then attach any subsequent customer support information to that Order in Salesforce.

From a technical perspective (and, again, please bear with me, I'm quite new to Salesforce), I'm wondering if it would be possible to:

- Via some sort of "sync" style integration, build a bunch of stub Order objects within Salesforce
- So, for every Order in the order management system, a corresponding Order object will be built in Salesforce
- This Salesforce Order object will contain really only the {order_id} from the order management system
- When a customer support user opens an Order object within Salesforce, upon load of that object an API call will be made to the order management system's RESTful API (such as: GET /orders/{order_id}) to retrieve a real-time snapshot of that Order's state.
- This data will subsequently be rendered in Saleforce for reference purposes so that the customer support user can do what they need

Does this even make sense conceptually?  If so, can someone fill me in on what the various tools and considerations exist within the Salesforce ecosytem that could make such a design work?
Tuan LuTuan Lu
Hi Nick can I talk to you about this over the phone? It would be a lot easier. Salesforce being a cloud app is certainly capable of what youre asking. There are many options for realtime integration as well as batch. Thanks,