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Nicolás KacowiczNicolás Kacowicz 

Only the image of the Help Text is displayed

Hello, I have created a Visualforce Page that is a form to insert a new record of a Custom Object. I have tried using <apex:pageblocksection> and <apex:pageblocksectionitem> but it doesn't work.

I have a Help Text on this field and if I try to insert a new record on salesforce it shows me the help text, but on visualforce it just shows the image but when I go over with the mouse nothing happens.
There is no data loaded on the page at the beggining, then I refresh it a couple of times to show/hide some fields.

I read on https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F000000096rTIAQ something about the onload function but I have no idea about that.

I just want to use the Help Text that I put on the field on Salesforce on my Visualforce page.

PD: I have showHeader="true" and tried setting it to false but nothing happens.

Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Nicolas,

May I suggest you please refer the below link for reference. hope it helps.

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Rahul Kumar
Nicolás KacowiczNicolás Kacowicz
I don't really know what happened but it works now. There's only a small problem, I have some checkbox as inputField that have label set on visualforce that don't display the help text, if I remove the label it does display it.

Any ideas?