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Melinda RusconiMelinda Rusconi 

Trailhead Module - Extend Your Reporting Strategy with AppExchange

I recieve an error when trying to download the app to complete this module 
App Issues
Roman RybenskiyRoman Rybenskiy
I have the same problem if I'm using the same browser window for my organisation org and Trailhead org in the same time. 
You need to open new incognito window and log to your Trailhead org.
Please write if this helps!  
Orchay NaehOrchay Naeh
if its the problem i think it is you need to do a work around since u r working in playground the install packages functionality don't work there
since it designed to be deployed in a production or a sand box.

in the error window
after you click the "get in now" and picked the installation in the SB and try to download, u will be redirected to a new window with the error. 
you should copy the part of the url after the ".com/". (it contains the package id i belive and some othe stuff)
then go to your playground (best to access through the lunch button in the trail head chapter) and replace the url part after the ".com/" with the partial url that you coppied.

it will redirect you to the downloading you need and should solve it

hopefully that is what u needed
please comment if it solves your problem

best regards 
and good luck

Naeh Orchay