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Steven HoughtalenSteven Houghtalen 

deploying reports using eclipse

Greetings,  I am having trouble deploying reports from one org to another using eclipse.  I am a relative new user of eclipse.  I created 2 projects one of the source and one of the destination.  I copy the report folder from the source and paste it in the appropriate place in the destination.  I then save to the server.  I get no errors or warnings when I do this.  I log onto the destination org and all the reports are there.  Great !!!  There are a hundred of them....what a relief.  But, when I look at the reports, the filters are all missing and I am going crazy trying to determine how to resolve.  When I look at the source xml (in eclipse) of both projects, the filters are there but are missing when I open the reports on SF.   Hopefully someone can help me.  Thank you.