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Vamshi KrishnaVamshi Krishna 

Custom Payment Page on sites in salesforce

Currently we have a payment processor in Salesforce. I like to have a visualforce page on SITES (with a login ID and a password in order to access the page).The requirement is :
We will have product requests and those are  set up by internal users from Salesforce. For those products,The status will be new by default. When the product request is approved, the customer should get a notification email that includes the url which directs them to site.com(Visualforce page).

(Customer)----Internal User-----Creates---| Request created as a record in Salesforce|------Approved-----                it gets approved, the email  should include a url to the restricted page-||--   àLater once payment is done it should be stored as record in SF
 The salesforce user is good and we can store the Transaction ID as a record related to that request ID.                                                               

Hoping eagerly for a solution. Thanks.