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Pierre-Yves MORA 5Pierre-Yves MORA 5 

the validation button for challenges is not responding

I have a problem with challenge validation (Hands On and Quizz) when I press the button, I have the three dots, the button is deactivated but nothing happens. After five minutes or so, the button is reactived but no validation or errors...
Could you help me please ?

Rakesh Ramaswamy 14Rakesh Ramaswamy 14
Yes I too have been experiencing the same across Trailhead lessons.
I am experiencing the same issue. Checked in different Modules/Projects of Trailhead with the same results.
Eric BlaxtonEric Blaxton
I submiited feedback along with many others.  I've tried all the suggestions to no avail.
Liz DiMascioLiz DiMascio
I'm getting this error message: "Looks like we're having issues, please try again. If this issue persists, please contact us using the submit feedback section on the sidebar"
Bennie van EschBennie van Esch
Same here! All the challenges give the same respons....dots....and more dots...
Dario Finotti 5Dario Finotti 5
Same here!!
sachin patel 7sachin patel 7
Same here.....
Pierre-Yves MORA 5Pierre-Yves MORA 5
Thanks for your feedback, it's good to know I not the only one. I'll just wait for Trailhead to fix this issue then
Felipe GallegosFelipe Gallegos