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Refresh lightning:listView by code?

The new lightning:listView component in v42  is certainly very convenient - true for any programmtic component that can leverage configuration directly.  I have a question though.  Just as a plain list view, it needs to be manually refreshed to update the records shown.  My question is, any way to do that programatically via JS controller code?  For instance it'd be nice if we can refresh it every 30 seconds when used on a custom Lightning component in the console.

I tried e.force:refreshView but that didn't seem to work.
Yad Jayanth 4Yad Jayanth 4
Hello - instead of trying to refresh the component, if you build the component dynamically with $A.createComponent, and then set an interval to destroy that component and recreate it, then you will achieve the same result. Make sense? 
I think that would work, but my concern is that the cycle of destruction and createComponent is quite a heavy operation...