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Bruno Graber 5Bruno Graber 5 

trailhead account need verification from disabled email


I'm trying to access my Trailhead account with a verification code, but the account was created from my previous's company email which is now disabled.
I would like to either:
A) change the email associated to my old trailhead account to access it from a personal email.
B) recover my progression through trailhead in a new account.

Any Ideas to make this happen ?
Thanks !
srlawr uksrlawr uk
This sounds like a bit of a duff answer, as you may have already been "told" to post this query over here... but I'd probably suggest filling in this contact form:


There used to be all sorts of problems with Trailhead accounts linked to work addresses and dev edtitions etc. and they used to handle them really well when you submitted a query... just put all the account details you can into the post so they can best guide you without a long exchange of e-mails asking for all the little bits. 

Or even, give them a tweet


Their "customer service" is amazing, I promise they will help out.