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Help with Flow to identify if Task already exists if not then process builder would create task automatically

Hi, I use process builder lots but never used flow.  I understabndn something i am trying to acheive could be done with a combination of Process Builder and Flow.

My requirement is that when an flag is created against an opportunity a flag record being a custom object that has the following relationship Master-Detail(Opportunity), I am using process builder to create a task for someone to clear the flag but this is related to the opportunity not the flag itself, the flag represents something that has to be done in another system NOT salesforce, so once they have cleared the flag in the other system they need to mark the task as complete. Flags are automatically created using dataloader as an upsert action, flags are open or satisfied so this means that everyday every flag is classed as modified by dataloader user.

We need it to work in the way that if they mark the task complete but it actually hasnt been cleared in the system that a new task is created, now I have this part working with process builder alone because the fact dataloader modifies the flag triggers the creation of a new task,

is that it always creates a new task daily so if the flag is not satified for 10 days we have 10 tasks, how can i encorporate FLOW to check the opportunity that the flag is related to for an existing open task?  the open task subject is always the flag name so I can use this as criteria.  Then if the task already exists i dont want the flow to create a new one.

Some detailed help would be gratefully appreciated thanks