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Ketankumar PatelKetankumar Patel 

How to Auto-activate lightning Pages after successful deployment?

Hi guys, 

I am trying to deploy Lightning Page (FlexiPage) to another sandbox environment using ANT. I also included all profiles with it and deployed it successfully but somehow lightning page did not auto activate in the sandbox. I can see that page in App Builder but when I open a record in lightning I don't see that page is applied to the record. 

Am I missing anything to include in deployment? Did anyone get this issue before? your help is much appreciated.
Pavan Dave 22Pavan Dave 22

Hi Ketan

Did you find out a way for this? I am also facing same issue, after deploying FlexiPage it's not reflecting on community. However I ensured that FlexiPage's metadata is deployed to higher sandbox correctly. 

Is there any addtional step we need to take to make it refectling new changes?


Pavan Dave 22Pavan Dave 22

I have got the solution from my colleague  Gina. We have to explore “New Page Variation” option from Lightning Page “Wrench Icon”.

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