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helloMessageInteractive Lightning Example Query

Hello All,
   This is with reference to a trailhead example under (Lightning Component Basics > Handle Actions with Controllers) :
I am trying to invoke a component that invokes a controller. However, when I am clicking on the buttons, nothing happens on the page and neither do I see any logs in the console or error messages in the developer console.

I am wondering if the way I am invoking the component is correct or if I am missing anything else? Screen shots of my code snippets are attached below:-

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Team Codekiat.comTeam Codekiat.com
Gautam, I tried the same in my devloper org, it is working fine without any issue. Logout, close all the tabs, relogin and verify the same. It should work.

@Naveen, Thank you for suggestion. I tried doing that but still was not able to get a response on button click.
Not sure what the issue is.