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DharmaTeja KDharmaTeja K 

Create a record on Custom Object using onClick of javascript Button

Hello All,

Please help me to create a record on Custom Object using javascript button.

1. Whenever i click a button it should pick (accountid,ownerid,CloseDate) from Opportunity record
2. It should create a record with above fields on Custom Object.
> The below code that i have written is throwing an error on chrome browser
(faultstring:'soapenv:Client',faultstring:''NaN-NaN-NaNTNaN:NaN:NaN:NaN-NaN:NaN' is not a valid value for the type xsd:date',)
> When i try this in IE it is giving me some other date in internet explorer
> I have tried so many things (parsing,format,toISOString,toLocaleDate..etc..,) but no luck.

var opp = new sforce.SObject("Opportunity");
opp.Account = "{!Opportunity.AccountId}";
opp.OwnerId = "{!Opportunity.OwnerId}";
opp.CloseDate = "{!Opportunity.CloseDate}";

var ord = new sforce.SObject("Order__c");
ord.Account_Name__c = opp.Account;
ord.Account_Director_Name__c = opp.OwnerId;
if(opp.CloseDate==null || opp.CloseDate == ''){
   ord.Customer_Signature_date__c = null;
} else {
   var temp = new Date(opp.CloseDate);
   ord.Customer_Signature_date__c = temp;

new_rec = sforce.connection.create([ord]);
 alert('Opportunity Converted successfully ID : '+new_rec[0].id);

Please correct me what is the wrong with my code. Every field is populating except closeDate field.

Thanks in Advance,
Karthik KKarthik K
Hi Teja,

Code snippet seems to be good. Can you make sure the date field is mapped to date field (DateTime field would mismatch here).
DharmaTeja KDharmaTeja K
Hello Karthik,

Thanks for your reply, i have cross checked again below screenshot is from opportunity object
This was the Opportunity Standard field "CloseDate"

and i've been mapping above field to below custom object field "Customer_Signature_date__c" 
CustomObject field

Your code seems ok. It must be due to some other reason